Elle (theroadtoelle) wrote,

True Value

Wandering through an Aladdin's cave,
a treasure trove
of a second-hand store.
Beautiful macrocarpa dressers,
with delicate filigree
draped around the mirror
simulating artful cobwebs.
Crystal decanters and goblets,
with their sharp cut designs
in the shafts of sunlight
filtered through the front windows.
A leather bound book,
cracked with age,
that rich, ambrosial scent
of timeworn paper,
crepe thin.
A gunmetal pocket watch,
patined to a reflective shine,
not trinket nor bauble,
but a working man's tool,
bringing to mind a family heirloom,
passed down through the generations,
of purely sentimental worth...
and thus of the very highest value.
Tags: poems, poetry
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