Elle (theroadtoelle) wrote,

Rock climbing

I took Caitie rock climbing at Extreme Edge in Glen Eden today, just to give her a chance to wear off some energy.

She did three of the kids' walls first, as one of the staff members told her she should warm up before doing the adult walls. Then I had to have a lesson in belaying her. It wasn't too tricky, just took a little practice. The first two were really hard on my shoulder, and I was starting to wonder if I was going to be able to keep it up for any length of time, but it got easier after that. Maybe I relaxed? I dunno.

We both worked up a sweat, although obviously Caitie more than me. It was pretty warm in there though. I have realised that if she's going to keep doing the rock climbing, she's going to need better gear. For starters, she needs some bike shorts or similar, because she was trying to do it in short shorts today and the harness makes them really uncomfortable. Thankfully bike shorts aren't a huge outlay, so I can grab some for her next time I'm at the Warehouse or similar. But if she's going to get serious about it, which she seems to think she is, she'll need a better harness. The ones you hire are pretty crap, made from webbing, similar to a tie-down strap you'd use to secure a load on the back of the ute. Not very comfortable. The staff wear lovely padded ones, and they do sell those in children's sizes, but they're $99 each. I'd love for Caitie to get serious about the rock climbing, because it's fantastic exercise, she's not competing against anyone but herself (always an issue for our ultra-competitive child), and she's damn good at it. But I don't want to outlay that much money this early in the game. She'll have to earn it, by proving she's serious about going often enough. They do memberships there too, and you'd have to go roughly once a fortnight to get your money's worth. The good thing is that each wall has different grades, with most walls having multiple grades depending on which colour foot/hand holds you use. So it's not like she'd conquer the whole place within a year. Plus, she's short, and a short ten year old at that, so she's a long way off being able to complete them all. I do worry that her lack of height will end up discouraging her though.

While Caitie and i were out, Steve sent Jayden on a walk with Emma. Jayden walked down to Craigavon Park, did the circuit there, and walked back home again, which is about 7km all up. Excellent! I'm going to encourage him to do it again, at least once a week if I can. I also talked to both kids about the Weetbix Tryathlon which Caitie is keen for, and the Round The Bays (which is too far for Caitie but would be good for Jayden). I know I'm overweight and lazy, but no reason why they should be! Ha ha!
Tags: caitie, jayden
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