Elle (theroadtoelle) wrote,

Parakai Springs

We did another of my surprise school holiday activities today, going to Parakai Springs. The kids figured out where we going pretty much as soon as I told them they had to get their togs. Oh well, they'll be a bit surprised when we finally make it to the Waimarino water park in Tauranga! Ha ha!!

The carpark was fairly full, but not overly so, and inside was the same. A lot of people, but not utter chaos or sardine-can like, as it can sometimes be on a sunny holiday day. At first we thought our chances of finding a) a seat and b) some shade were non-existent, and Steve was actually on his way back to the main desk to ask about hiring a pavilion thing just so we'd have somewhere shady to sit when I managed to grab us a spare picnic table that was half in/half out of the shade. Sorted!

The kids were really quick to get into their togs. I spoke to Steve about having some lunch first, since it was early afternoon and I was starving. He was on board with that idea, so he sat down to read his book and make sure no one stole our seats, the kids went into the pool, and I went to find us some lunch. There's not a lot of choice there, mostly burgers and stuff. So I got two toasted sandwiches and two burgers, with fries for everyone. Steve and I went halvsies in a sandwich and a burger, Caitie had a sandwich and Jayden had a burger.

The kids were raring to get back in the water, so I walked over to the hydroslides with them, and watched them go down a few times while I let my stomach settle before getting changed into my own togs.

Soon enough, we were all having a swim. The kids were hanging off us, splashing us, all the usual nonsense. Finally, after probably an hour in the water, we got a bit sick of it all, and we bought them a beach ball to play with. We all threw it back and forth for a while, then I spotted two bored kids who looked about the right age, and asked them if they wanted to play. It was a genius idea. Steve and I went to the indoor pool and relaxed in blissful peace and quiet, and the four kids played happily for ages.

We finished the day off with ice creams, and practically snoozed our way home, contentedly exhausted. A good day.
Tags: caitie, jayden, steve
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