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More school holiday fun

I'm running out of time to get all my school holiday activities completed. Two of them expired on Friday, but thankfully Clip N Climb said we could go today, and the frisbee golf place said we could go next week.

Still, I was trying to achieve as much as possible today, so I had three activities planned for the kids today. Yup, three - Clip N Climb, Extreme Trampoline, and Stardome. I knew what to expect from Clip N Climb, but had no idea for the other two, although the kids had been to Stardome before.

Caitie loves rock climbing, so I knew she'd have a blast at Clip N Climb. I was actually surprised by how...childish it seemed though in comparison to Extreme Edge. It really is designed to entertain the kids for an hour or so, not for serious climbers. And Caitie is fast becoming a serious climber. Jayden had never been to Clip N Climb before though, and he was keen to try the Leap of Faith and the Vertical Slide.

I know Jayden struggles a bit with rock climbing. I assumed it was due to a lack of upper body strength or something. But he really struggled at Clip N Climb with the non-climbing things too. One activity was basically a series of poles of ever increasing height, and he had to step on each one in turn until he was standing on the top one. At the beginning you can hold on the next one and climb on hands and feet, but the last one there's no other one to hold on to, and it's really high, plus the taller poles wobble. He finally did it, but it took him quite a long time. Doing that was a pre-requisite to doing the Leap of Faith, and I admit, I was worried he wouldn't be able to do the Leap of Faith. He got to the top fairly well though, and then just stood there, trying to gather up the courage to jump for the trapeze. Meanwhile, Caitie had clambered up on the poles Jayden had previously conquered, showing how it was done. She's like a monkey, she is.

Jayden kept nearly jumping, and then wimping out. We were all cheering him on. A man next to me was practically praying for him to make it. "It's too far. He'll never make it. You can do it, son! Oh god, he's not gonna make it." It was so funny. He didn't even know Jayden! Finally, after spending about 10-15 minutes standing at the top gathering his courage, he finally jumped, easily grabbing hold of the trapeze. The man beside me was ecstatic. Ha ha!

Then it was time for the Vertical Slide. That was much easier. The kids hold on to a bar and are pulled up the wall, then they let go and slide down the wall and onto a slide. He did that no problems.

Both kids really enjoyed the session, which lasted about two hours. We grabbed two cheeseburgers each, just to fill a hole in our bellies, before going straight to Extreme Trampoline. We'd have to have a proper lunch afterwards, but I didn't want them eating too much or anything too...well, you know...before going on trampolines. No need to be dealing with barfing children!

Extreme Trampoline was much smaller than I expected. About eight trampolines, all wedged into a room...and that was it. Apparently the NZ Olympic trampolining team train there. Cool. There wasn't much instruction given, basically the kids just jumped to their hearts content. One little guy who had obviously been there before started doing forward rolls, and Caitie started mimicking him. Soon he progressed to being able to do a forward roll and land on his feet. So you can imagine, Competitive Caitie, that she was right behind him. She did it, eventually. I saw her at least once manage it and land on her feet. Jayden did it a few times but wasn't really interested. He started off just going down on his back and trying to bounce back onto his feet. After watching him for a while, I called him up to the viewing station where Steve and I were, and pointed out that he needs to go down on his shoulders, not his lower back. He went back down, and ta da! It's so much easier to bounce back to your feet if you go down on your shoulders. He was pleased with that. Then he had some sort of routine he was trying to achieve which involved him going down on his knees, doing a forward roll, landing on his bum, then bouncing to his feet. He did it over and over again, and finally seemed happy to have nailed it.

Both kids really enjoyed Extreme Trampoline, and Caitie is already begging me to take them back again. There was a guy there who would help if asked, and I think she wants to learn how to do proper flips. God save us.

We went to Wendy's for a late lunch, then meandered over to Stardome. I'd told the kids we were going to 'watch a movie about dragons' and they were a bit confused. Stardome was seriously boring. There was ridiculously little to do there. About five minute's worth. Finally it was time for the movie, which involved laying in reclined seats so we were staring at the ceiling. The movie screen encompassed the entire domed ceiling. I had deliberately not chosen an educational show about the stars because I knew the kids had been there before. The movie about dragons was pretty crap. Steve got motion sickness from watching the ceiling move, closed his eyes and went to sleep, but thankfully didn't snore! The kids weren't too disparaging, but I chalked Stardome up as a rare failure.
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