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Crystal Mountain

Today's surprise holiday activity was Crystal Mountain, a place Caitie had been bugging me to take her for ages. It's literally just down the road from our old house.

We started off wandering around the 'park'. It had big dinosaur sculptures that were robotic or something so they moved their heads. It was a bit surreal. We'd been given packets of pet food, as part of the package I'd paid for, which seemed to be 90% grass (bit of a rip off). The first animal we saw was a goat. They both fed it a small handful, then the goat snatched the paper bag out of Caitie's hands and ate the whole thing, paper bag and all! It was so funny. I gave Caitie my bag of 'pet food' to use. There were also donkeys, llamas, alpacas, sheep, geese, chickens, peacocks, and rabbits. The kids happily fed them all, and patted the ones they could. The geese were quite demanding, and they intimidated Caitie, but otherwise she enjoyed all the animals.

After the 'park', we went to see the crystals. Some of the crystals were so enormous, it was impossible not to be impressed. They were taller than me! The shop was basically sorted into crystal type, with a wide variety of different shapes and cuts. It was mildly interesting, in the sense of going 'Ooh, that's pretty, what kind of stone is that?'. Then we got in a lift and went downstairs to the museum part, which was basically an exhibit of more crystals and rocks. I didn't find that very interesting.

We bought Caitie a small, cheap bracelet, then had a drink in the cafe. Caitie wanted to go on a 'train ride'. It was really a tractor, made to look like a train. I couldn't understand that. It's a farm, with animals, why not just let it be a tractor? The kids would be just as excited being towed around by a tractor as a train, so... Anyway, whatever.

Caitie was desperate to go on a 'bungy', which is where they're suspended over a trampoline by elastic ropes so they can jump really high, do flips, etc. Both kids proved very awkward at it, and I don't think either of them enjoyed it much.

Overall, I thought the day was a bit of a dud, and I certainly wouldn't pay to go there again, but both kids seemed overall happy with the day, and that's the main thing.
Tags: caitie, jayden, steve
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