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Enchanted Forest

We did another of my school holiday surprises today. This one was mini golf. It was in Onehunga, which made no sense at all really considering there were a multitude of mini golf courses that were closer to home, but this was the one I'd bought the vouchers for.

It was actually really fun. We laughed at ourselves when we missed, and cheered for each other when we hit a good shot. Caitie got two 'hole in one's, which is just remarkable. No one else managed to get one.

We lost one of the golf balls, I think it was Jayden's, and while we couldn't find his one (they were all different colours), there were a few others lying around the same place (must be a popular place to lose balls!) so he was able to choose one of those and continue.

Near the end, I was starting the next hole when Caitie was starting the previous one. Because it had an incline, Steve told her to 'hit it hard'. She did, and it came flying past my face, missing me by barely an inch. Gave me a hell of a fright. If it had hit me, we'd have been making a trip to ER to check for concussion at the very least, but thankfully we were able to laugh it off and keep going.

By the end of the first nine holes, Steve was in the lead, followed by me and Caitie second equal and Jayden last. When we had finished all 18 holes, Steve had won, followed by me, then Jayden then Caitie. Apart from Steve, who was miles ahead, there was very little in it, only five points separating me and Caitie.

We were in such a good mood by the time that we finished, and it was a baking hot sunny day, we decided to drive to Pokeno to get ice creams. Sure, we could have got ice creams closer, but what's the fun in that?

The kids both wanted enormously huge ice creams (they do up to about 18 scoops there I think) but Steve would only allow them to get two scoops. I chose to get a drink and some wedges instead. The three of them all struggled to finish their two scoop ice creams, not just because the heat kept melting them, and in the end the kids agreed that two scoops was definitely enough.

Since we were in Pokeno, we bought some bacon and sausages. Will be interesting to see if it's as good as its advertised.

Edit: The bacon and sausages weren't amazing. I was actually happier with the supermarket stuff which is way cheaper. :(
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