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Extreme Edge

We took the kids to Extreme Edge rock climbing today. It's the first time we'd been there, but I expected it to be successful since I knew how much Caitie enjoyed it at Clip N Climb and I figured it would be much the same.

Unlike Clip N Climb which has some other height-based activities other than climbing, Extreme Edge is just climbing. Half the building was kids walls, and the other half was for serious climbers.

Jayden really struggled. I couldn't figure out if it was because he was too awkward with his gangly arms and legs, or if it was because his feet were too big, or even if it was just because he didn't have the upper body strength. He gave it a good go, but he did struggle.

Caitie loved every minute of it. She did a number of the kids walls, then asked if she could do some of the adult walls. Unlike the kids walls, where the child is attached to a rope that will gently lower them using their own body weight if they let go, the adult ones are proper ones that require someone else to belay you. Steve had a lesson in belaying, then Caitie did a few walls. They were much harder, presumably mostly because they're designed for adults and she's short even for a ten year old, but she loved it. Steve had a few people comment on how natural she was at it.

Extreme Edge is pretty close to our new house, maybe a ten minute drive. Caitie was begging us to sign her up for an annual membership. It would be so good for her. Although she's always running around, she doesn't do any sports or exercise. She did Jump Jam last year, but won't be doing it again this year. Maybe it's something to think about. We can definitely bring her back anyway, even just on a casual basis. Overall, another good day. :)
Tags: caitie, jayden, steve
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