Elle (theroadtoelle) wrote,

Dinner and a movie

Since Jayden is away camping with his friend, we took Caitie out for the evening. We went to a little Turkish restaurant at Lynnmall. She order the octopus, expecting something like battered squid rings, which she loves, but instead received a bowl full of tiny baby octopi. She was horrified to see a bowl full of little tentacles and octopus heads! It was so funny. She did eat a couple, but she wasn't happy about it, so she ended up sharing my meal instead.

Afterwards, we went to see a movie. It was a kids' movie called The Good Dinosaur, an animated one. Steve and Caitie both really enjoyed. There were a lot of really little kids in the theatre, and I thought that parts of the movie were honestly a little bit too scary for really little kids, but none of them cried, so that's always a good thing. I thought the movie was stupid. At the beginning, the dinosaur family are farming, growing and harvesting crops. The only human in the movie acts like a wild dog, barking, growling, running on all fours, etc. It was the stupidest thing ever. But, I suppose I'm not the target audience, am I? Like I said, Steve and Caitie both enjoyed it.
Tags: caitie, steve
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