Elle (theroadtoelle) wrote,

Broken arms...

Steve dropped me at work this morning, since I obviously don't have my car back yet. It felt weird trying to go about life as normal. My phone kept ringing with calls from the insurance company and the police. The fingerprinter said he'd return the stuff he took from the car today. Also, the locksmith had been around and put deadlocks on the windows. I bought a new handbag and a cheap wallet just so I had something to put my bank card and new building access card in.

I got a call from Caitie shortly after she got home from school. She was in tears. Apparently she fell off her scooter on the way home from school and hurt her arm. I told her that it was a bit tricky for me to come home, as I didn't have a car, but I'd take her to the A&E when I got home later.

When we got home, we went through the stuff from the fingerprinter, but Grumps' little bottle of Glenfiddich wasn't there. Steve was devastated. There was the little bottle he'd bottled himself, but that hadn't been the sentimental one, although obviously that was the one the fingerprinter had been talking about. Bastards. My handbag was returned, which was good because it was one Mum had bought me in Greece, although I wished I'd known it was going to be returned and I wouldn't have bought a new one. The kitchen scales were in my handbag. Caitie had said they were missing, but I couldn't understand why anyone would take kitchen scales. She was right though, they had.

I took Caitie to A&E. We turned up and were warned we'd have an hour and a half wait, and the x-ray place closed at 8pm. That was going to be tight. Thankfully they saw us after about 45 minutes and sent us off to get x-rays. The radiologist told me it was a greenstick fracture and she'd be getting a cast. Caitie was excited about that until she realised it meant no rock climbing for six weeks and no trip to Rainbows End this weekend.

The doctor checked her out and said she was too chirpy and chatty to have a broken arm. Maybe just sprained. I was like 'Um, but the radiologist said the x-ray showed it was fractured'. "Oh, you've had x-rays done already?" He looked at them, hummed and haaed, then went off to get a second opinion. He came back in and said "This is a greenstick fracture. Plaster cast for one week, come back tomorrow to have it checked to make sure it's not too tight and in a week come back and get a fibreglass cast."

I just shook my head. Seriously? Just because she's smiley and happy doesn't mean her arm isn't broken, dumb ass!

She got a cast that goes past her elbow, halfway to her shoulder. Apparently when it comes off, after a week, they're going to do the x-rays again to double-check her elbow. She's definitely got a greenstick fracture just below her wrist though.
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