Elle (theroadtoelle) wrote,

More burglary-related news

The insurance company asked us to come in today to review the car. Basically, the idea was to work out what damage was pre-existing and what was new. We were also allowed to take all our belongings out of the car.

The first thing we noticed is that the meat was still in the car. Seriously?! It's summer people! It reeked. Ugh. As well as the bacon, ham and pizza we'd previously noted, we also found a roast beef that had leaked blood everywhere. Yuck.

We found Caitie's Nerf gun, which she had sworn was missing, although I hadn't believed her. Why would they take a kid's play gun that was purple and only worth about $20? No idea, but it was thrown out because it was covered in blood from the roast. Clearly, the lesson here is to start believing Caitie. She is obviously more observant than the rest of us!

My Kindle was in the car, which was good. And thank god, the little bottle of Glenfiddich from Grumps was there. Oh, so relieved. The bastards had stuffed McDonald's burgers into the glove box, which was less pleasant of a surprise.

We only noted one scratch on the bonnet and the insurance company said they'd get that sorted. They also promised to do a full mechanical check to make sure it was in good working order after its adventure, and it would be fully cleaned and valeted, inside and out. That meant I wouldn't be getting it back until the 15th at the earliest. At least they let me have a courtesy car, so Steve and I aren't reliant on sharing his ute for the next week.

It's hard to know what's still missing. There was stuff in the car that was clearly taken from our house but we hadn't realised was missing - the hard drive Dad had given me for Christmas a couple of years ago, the projector that belonged to Steve's work, etc. I wonder if we'll ever figure out exactly what was taken.
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