Elle (theroadtoelle) wrote,

Summer Frolics

A drive along busy country roads,
exclaiming over scenic Pacific Ocean views.
Spraying on sunscreen
to fight fierce summer sun,
then clambering up and down trails,
spying reptiles playing hide and seek
as chameleons
and tuatara
camouflage themselves
against twigs and leaves.
When we've had our fill
of turtles and tortoises,
water dragons and alligators,
we're hot, sweaty,
ready for a swim.
Gulf Harbour Marine Reserve
sparkles as sunshine cavorts
on rushing and receding waves,
white spray dancing
in a tempting display.
A careful dip,
just up to my knees,
thwarted by a rogue wave
that splashes clear to waist height.
Steve completes my disgrace,
water pouring down my bodice
cool against heated skin,
Caitie's delighted laughter
accompanying my squeal of surprise.
A blowhole sends a fountain
soaring high above Jayden's head
as he frolics beneath,
gleeful over his 'shower'.
Beaming smiles as we watch,
simple pleasures,
no digital devices in sight.
Finally cool, satisfied,
but thirsty,
it's time for dinner.
Exhausted, contented,
a lazy, sleepy drive home again.
A perfect family day out.
Tags: caitie, jayden, poems, poetry, steve
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