Elle (theroadtoelle) wrote,

Only 24 Hours

Endless possibilities
lie before us every day.
And every day that passes
will never journey back this way.
So every day, you have a choice
on how you spend your day,
and every day, I urge you,
live to the fullest in every way.

I could lose myself
in a romance novel book,
read the blurb, read the hook,
discover the journey the heroine took.

I could spent time in the kitchen,
teaching my daughter to boil, braise and bake.
We could make muffins and chocolate cake,
roast chicken, even steak.

I could dine with my husband
at some fancy place in town,
paint my face, wear perfume,
wear a fancy evening gown.

I could choose instead to spend time
drawing pictures with my son,
my drawings aren't any good,
but the point is, it's fun.

I could jaunt to the beach with my family,
play in the sun and splash in the waves.
We could cavort with sheer abandonment,
and hunt for wetas in the caves.

I could take my camera for a stroll,
exploring the world through the lens.
Kaleidoscopic colours and scenes,
strangers, family, friends.

There is no formula or recipe
for the single perfect day.
It's just about making the most,
living to the fullest every day.
Tags: poems, poetry
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