Elle (theroadtoelle) wrote,

Happy 13th wedding anniversary!

Prompt: The best cooking fiasco you've created, or been a witness too!

Today was mine and Steve's 13th wedding anniversary. We both had to work, in fact it was our first day back at work after four weeks of summer holiday. Caitie had made us breakfast in bed (Marmite on toast for Steve and peanut butter on toast for me) yesterday, but she wanted to make us dinner for our anniversary.

I got a call shortly after 5pm asking me when I'd be home, as "dinner is ready". I don't even finish work until 5:30pm, let alone the hour long commute home! Anyway, I left as early as I could and headed home. Turns out she'd started cooking at 4pm just so dinner would be ready on time.

I arrived home to a dinner plate featuring roast chicken drumsticks and peas. No potatoes or anything, just chicken and peas. Lots of peas. My dinner plate was full.

I tasted the peas. "Ah, that's an unusual flavour, Caitie."
"Yeah, I added some Worcester sauce to give them some extra flavour."
"Hmmm, okay. Yup, definitely an interesting flavour."

They were...interesting. Not inedible, but not pleasant.

We were making our way through our dinner when we realised the chicken drumsticks weren't cooked on the inside. Uh oh. Cold and raw is not a good quality when it comes to chicken. So they went into the microwave to finish cooking. I threw a potato in with mine, so I ended up with rubbery chicken, bizarre flavoured peas, and a potato.

Caitie was quite upset about her disastrous cooking experience, but we tried to convince her that it happens to everyone, and you can't learn without making mistakes. I laughed and teased Steve that it was all because it was our THIRTEENTH wedding anniversary, so it was bound to have gone wrong no matter what we did.

Edit: Ironically, a few weeks later, when his parents were over for dinner, Steve did the same thing with his roast chicken - not cooked in the middle and had to go back in the oven. That made Caitie feel better.
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