Elle (theroadtoelle) wrote,

I was challenged to write a poem about a goldfish that disappears under mysterious circumstances. So this is what I wrote:

I had a tiny goldfish,
I named it Little John,
but one day when I checked,
I saw that Little John was gone!
I searched high and low and everywhere,
but couldn't find my fish,
no matter how I hoped or prayed,
or how very hard I'd wish.
Much later, lost in Youtube,
as happens, you must know,
I found a Youtube video,
that showed me where to go.
That mean old Charlie Abney
was drinking shots with crazy friends,
and he DRANK down my poor goldfish
for those NekNominating trends.
That Charlie just has no idea
what he will now endure.
Poor Little John, I'll have revenge,
that's for bloody sure.
Tags: poems, poetry, writing.com
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