Elle (theroadtoelle) wrote,

Ten Pin Bowling

We took the kids ten pin bowling today.  I was the only one who'd never done it before, so I was fully prepared to be soundly beaten.

It is both harder than it looks, and easy to have fun with.  We used the gutter barriers, to make it easier for us, as Caitie and I were constantly bowling gutter balls.  Steve was the only one who didn't use the barriers.

Caitie is ridiculously competitive, and doesn't tend to give herself an allowance for being the youngest, so whenever she didn't win, we were all on edge as she sulked.  Overall she enjoyed herself though.

The first game Steve won with 93, Caitie came second with 91, I came third with 65 and Jayden came fourth with 63.

The second game, Jayden won with 112, Steve came second with 94, Caitie came third with 90 and I came fourth with 79.

The kids have put their name in the draw to go in a kids' school holiday tournament, which they're quite excited about.  I have learned that I'm definitely no natural at ten pin bowling, but it is a fun family activity....as long as Caitie doesn't lose.
Tags: caitie, jayden, steve
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