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Waimarino Adventure Park

Today was the last of my planned school holiday surprises for the kids.  We drove down to Tauranga to go to the Waimarino Adventure Park.

It was funny actually, because we decided to stop for lunch at the Sweet Painted Lady Cafe in Waharoa, which had fabulous food last time...except we obviously decided just after driving past it, so we kept a look out for it for ages and never saw it, because we had already gone past it before we started looking.  Fail!  Ha ha!

The first you see of Waimarino Adventure Park is the river as you drive over the bridge.  It doesn't look like much from the road, so I was kinda wondering if this was gonig to be a dud.  Although, I did know some of the activities from the website, so I was still hopeful.  It's nerve wracking when you've driven several hours to try something and have no idea if it's going to be a success or not!

We got changed into our togs and were kitted out with lifejackets.  There were a whole bunch of things to try, and we just checked them out one by one.

First up, and I just knew they'd love it, was the Blob.  It's basically a huge inflated cushion, and one person jumps on one end, causing the person at the other end to fly off into the water.  Steve and I declined to have a go, but both kids tried it out.  Jayden enjoyed it, but struggled to find someone heavy enough to give him a real good bounce off the end.  Caitie of course was light, and so went FLYING.  She landed awkwardly and hurt her back, bursting into tears.  Apparently, so the staff tell us, that's common.  Would have been nice to know!

The 'Tarzan Swing' was fun for both of them.  This was old fashioned fun - grab the rope, swing out over the water, and let go.  Exactly what kids have been doing for generations.  They both had multiple goes at that one, and it was probably the most popular activity at the park.

Caitie and I took a canoe out, which was nice.  Been ages I'd been canoeing, but I guess it's like riding a bike and you don't forget how to do it.  That was nice and peaceful, which was good for Caitie.

Then there was their version of a Slip N Slide.  It was pretty massive, and the kids went flying off the end.  Both enjoyed that.  They did say it was a bit awkward having to wear a lifejacket though, as it made the landing a bit tricky.

There was the Water Trampoline, where you swim out to a floating 'trampoline' and then bounce on it.  Both kids really struggled to climb up on to the top, and ended up having a adult from another group help pull them up.  They did seem to enjoy that one though.

We took out a pedalo, which is a little boat that you pedal with your feet.  Steve and I pedaled while the kids enjoyed the ride.  There was a slide on the top of the boat so the kids could slide off into the water, but then had to scramble back into the boat.  They seemed to enjoy it.

They did a bit of plain old jumping and diving too, and Caitie went on the regular trampoline for a bit.  All in all, they expended a lot of energy, and ended up sleeping most of the way home in the car.  It was a good day out, and I'd recommend it.  Only in summer though!  Ha ha!  But yeah, I can definitely see us going again.  Great water fun.
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