Elle (theroadtoelle) wrote,

A Bridge Too Far

Prompt: Stress

The simplest task,
the smallest request...
The straw that breaks the camel's back,
the strain too much to bear.

Your heart races,
eagerly trying to keep pace
with some invisible drummer
belting out an unheard rock solo.

Adrenaline fires,
flooding your system,
and your breath quickens.

A slow fog rolls in,
or is it darkness
As the world fades,
and detailsbecomeindistinguishable,
dread builds,
consuming you,
until fear triumphs.

Near impossible
to drag calm,
that oh so sensible emotion,
from the depths...
You feel the judgement,
but all you need is a moment.
Just a moment to...


Pale features are brightened
with the rosy blush of embarrassment,
and an underlying wash
of resentment.

But for now,
life goes on.
Until next time.
Tags: poems, poetry, steve
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