Elle (theroadtoelle) wrote,

Why do people read this stuff anyway?

Prompt: Everyone has a story. Are you brave enough to write yours and have it published?

Even if I were brave enough, would I ever stop procrastinating long enough to get it finished? *Rolleyes*

I honestly don't think my story is interesting enough to publish. I grew up in the country and had a happy childhood. I had two long-term boyfriends at high school and met my future husband when I was 19. We started 'going steady' shortly before my 20th birthday and became engaged a few months later. Our son was born when I was 21, we were married when I was 23 and our daughter was born when I was 25. We were ridiculously poor for a while, but with the help of parents, determination and luck, we managed to climb out of the poverty trap to become 'relatively comfortable'. We're still living pay to pay, but we have enough money to pay all the bills and some disposable income.

How is that interesting? There are no famous people in there. The closest I've come to famous people is standing one person away from Prince Charles and Camilla, and also Gordon Ramsay (different occasions obviously). My mother has met the prime minister of NZ multiple times in the course of her work, but I haven't. Mum's boss, our local member of parliament, came to dinner at our house one night. Does that count as interesting? Do you know, I'm pretty sure that never even made it into my journal at the time. *Laugh*

My childhood was happy. I rarely saw my parents argue. My marriage is happy. The closest I've come to committing a crime is nicking a piece of fruit from a greengrocer's when I was a young child. I've never even seen a fist fight in real life. The closest I've come to illegal drugs is a one-time attempt at smoking marijuana, only to discover I hated it. I don't drink to excess.

I am boring.

Why would anyone want to buy that story? *Confused*

Okay, the only people who might be interested in reading that story are my descendants. I am a family history nut, and I love discovering things about my ancestors. I love reading old diaries. So I keep one, for my descendants to read one day. That's what my blog is, essentially. A diary for my descendants. Is that sad? *Laugh*

I have never figured out why anyone reads my blog. I honestly don't understand it. I live an incredibly boring life. Why does anyone read this stuff?
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