Elle (theroadtoelle) wrote,

Food - the good, the bad, the delicious and the disgusting

Favourite foods:
*BulletG* Chocolate. Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate is my favourite.
*Bulletg* Steak, cooked 'well done'.
*Bulletg* Crispy bacon.
*Bulletg* Pasta of just about any sort except wholemeal/wholewheat
*Bulletg* Nectarines, preferably just on the crunchy/crisp side, not too juicy.
*Bulletg* Feijoas.
*Bulletg* Avocados. I like them in just about any form, but mixed with sour cream and a touch of lemon juice, salt and pepper, on toast, is oh my god delicious.
*Bulletg* Potatoes - roasted, mashed, fried...
*Bulletg* Roast chicken.
*Bulletg* Tomatoes, both raw and cooked.
*Bulletg* Cabbage. I much prefer cabbage to lettuce, and will eat it raw in salads or boiled.

Food I don't like:
*BulletR* Seafood. I hate pretty much all seafood, but I will eat white fish if it has been crumbed or battered and fried. It really needs to be fresh though, so it doesn't taste too fishy.
*BulletR* Pumpkin of all variations.
*BulletR* Parsnip.
*BulletR* Turnips (AKA rutabaga or swede).
*BulletR* Kumara (AKA sweet potato).
*BulletR* Capsicum (AKA bell peppers).
*BulletR* Mushrooms of all variations.
*BulletR* Olives of all variations.
*BulletR* Soft cheese, although I quite like hard cheeses.
*BulletR* Mangoes.
*BulletR* Passionfruit.
*BulletR* Berries, except strawberries.
*BulletR* Beetroot (AKA beets).
*BulletR* Yams.
*BulletR* Leafy lettuces (the kind you normally get in a Mesclun salad). I don't mind crisp iceberg lettuce though.
*BulletR* Eggplant, although you can't really taste it in moussaka.
*BulletR* Spinach, unless it's in a soup or something and you can't taste it.
*BulletR* Coffee and coffee-flavoured foods.
*BulletR* Tea of all variations. I can drink some fruit teas if they're heavily sweetened.
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