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Bucket Lists

Bucket List
*Boxcheck* Go to Tiritiri Matangi Island (to photograph the birds)
*Box* Do a motorbike tour of the South Island with Steve
*Box* Go to Larnach Castle in Dunedin
*Box* Go to Ireland
*Box* Go to Wales
*Box* Do a fishing trip in Niue with Steve
*Box* See the Northern or Southern Lights
*Box* Go to Dunfermline Abbey in Edinburgh
*Box* Go to the Orkney Islands in Scotland
*Box* Go to the Isle of Skye in Scotland
*Box* Go to Antarctica

*Box* Meet my niece Evie
*Box* Meet Beth Mullett

*Box* See the Exponents perform live
*Box* Go to a strip club/show
*Box* Regularly deposit savings and make no withdrawals for one year
*Box* Go on at least one really really big rollercoaster!
*Box* Go to the Last Night of the Proms in England
*Box* See Oliver! performed live on stage
*Box* See the Phantom of the Opera performed live on stage

*Box* Complete my wedding scrapbook
*Box* Complete my family recipe book
*Box* Print a family history book for myself
*Box* Print a family history book for Mum
*Box* Print a family history book for Dad
*Box* Print a family history book for Sue
*Box* Convert my blogs to printed books

Photography Bucket List
*Box* Photograph all New Zealand's endemic birds
*Boxcheck* Photograph the birds at Tiritiri Matangi Island

*Box* Take a scenic shot of New Zealand's South Island
*Box* Take a classic shot of cows or sheep blocking the road
*Boxcheck* Photograph a wedding
*Box* Photograph the Northern or Southern Lights
*Box* Do a newborn baby shoot
*Box* Photograph penguins in Antarctica
*Box* Photograph a professional model
*Box* Take a frame-worthy photo of Auckland's skyline
*Box* Complete a 365 project
*Box* Get 1,000 followers on Instagram (@roadtoelle)
*Box* Get 1,000 followers on Facebook (*Facebook*elleschroderphotography)
*Box* Take a photo of a geyser
*Box* Go on an African photo safari
*Box* Do street photography of strangers in a major city
*Box* Take a photo of a thunderstorm or tornado
*Boxcheck* Photograph an ancient stone circle
*Box* Photograph a field of flowers
*Box* Photograph a named waterfall
*Box* Photograph waves crashing around a lighthouse
*Box* Take a frame-worthy photo of fireworks
*Box* Take a frame-worthy photo of a rainbow
*Box* Take a long exposure photo of the stars
*Boxcheck* Photograph an abandoned house or barn
*Box* Effectively use panning to photograph a moving vehicle
*Box* Photograph someone jumping a skateboard or bike
*Box* Take a well-exposed photo of a live band
*Box* Take a well-timed sports photo - a foot, racquet, bat, etc connecting with the ball
*Boxcheck* Take a macro photograph of a flower
*Box* Take a macro photograph of a snowflake
*Boxcheck* Take a macro photograph of a bug, spider or insect
*Box* Photograph someone crying
*Boxcheck* Photograph someone laughing
*Boxcheck* Photograph a couple kissing
*Box* Own a professional level Canon camera
*Box* Own a macro lens
*Box* Own a super-telephoto lens (over 300mm)

Regional Food Fun
*Boxcheck* Drink Lemon & Paeroa in Paeroa, New Zealand
*Box* Eat a Black Forest gateaux in the Black Forest, Germany
*Box* Eat a Chelsea bun in Chelsea, England
*Box* Eat a Cornish pasty in Cornwall, England
*Box* Eat Shrewsbury biscuits in Shrewsbury, England
*Box* Eat Turkish delight in Turkey
*Box* Eat Welsh rarebit in Wales
*Box* Eat Yorkshire pudding in Yorkshire, England
*Box* Eat Baked Alaska in Alaska, America
*Box* Eat bolognese sauce in Bologna, Italy
*Box* Eat Boston baked beans in Boston, America
*Box* Eat Buffalo wings in Buffalo, America
*Box* Eat a frankfurter in Frankfurt, Germany
*Box* Eat a hamburger in Hamburg, Germany
*Box* Drink Mississippi Moonshine in Mississippi, America
*Box* Eat Brussels sprouts in Brussels
*Box* Eat French fries in France
*Box* Eat French onion soup in France
*Box* Eat French toast in France
*Box* Eat Bavarian cream in Bavaria, Germany
*Box* Eat Madeira cake in Madeira, Portugal
*Box* Eat brie cheese in Brie (now Seine-et-Marne), France
*Box* Eat camembert cheese in Camembert, France
*Box* Eat parmesan cheese in Parma, Italy
*Box* Eat Gruyère cheese in Gruyère, Switzerland
*Box* Eat Emmental cheese in Emmental, Switzerland
*Box* Eat cheddar cheese in Cheddar, England
*Box* Eat stilton cheese in Stilton, England
*Box* Eat colby cheese in Colby, America
*Box* Eat edam cheese in Edam, Netherlands
*Box* Eat gouda cheese in Gouda, Netherlands
*Box* Drink a Long Island iced tea on Long Island, America
*Box* Drink a Manhattan in Manhattan, America
*Box* Drink a burgundy wine in Burgundy, France
*Box* Drink a chablis in Chablis, France
*Box* Drink champagne in Champagne, France
*Box* Drink Madeira wine in Madeira, Portugal
*Box* Drink port in Porto, Portugal
*Box* Drink shiraz in Shiraz, Iran
*Box* Drink armagnac in Armagnac, France
*Box* Drink cognac in Cognac, France
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