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Blogging about blogging

Prompt: What are your favorite things to blog about? Is it more fun to blog about real life or make up things from prompts? Is blogging a habit or a big part of your life? If you stopped blogging, would you miss it?

For a long time I've been talking about having my blog converted into a physical book. My children's lives are contained in this blog. I started it in January 2001 when I was pregnant with my son, and I've made more than 3,000 posts since then.

As I experiment with different ways of printing my blog, I'm forced to read those early entries. Some are sweet memories, some make me smile with how my tastes or my life have changed...and some make me cringe. *Blush* I was so immature in a lot of ways, and selfish in the way that only young people can be. *Rolleyes*

So much has changed in fifteen years. I was actually thinking about this as a 'foreword' to my blog book:

So much has changed in the fifteen years since I first started my blog.

In 2001, I was pregnant, unmarried, unemployed, and Steve and I were living with my mum.
In 2016, we are married with two children, and we own our own home and our own business.

I look back on some of those early angst ridden entries and cringe at my immaturity and lack of foresight. But I am also pleased to know how far I have come, and how much I have grown and matured in those years. I've learned some important lessons. And some I'm still trying to learn.

Some things haven't changed of course. I still read romance novels, still write poems and stories, still eat too much junk food... And still love Steve. *Wink*

It's all here - the secret dramas, angst, joy, love, dreams, struggles, poems and stories. It's not always pretty, but it's all real. Well, some of the poems and stories are fictional! *Laugh*

Thanks to my friends on Writing.com for helping me come up with the title.

So, what have been my favorite things to blog about? Well when I started, it was mostly my day to day life. I did sometimes do quizzes too, like my favourite music, etc. I like answering questions and filling out quizzes. The true value of those is only evident years later though when you look back and see how much your tastes have changed!

When I started blogging on Writing.com, I started using prompts. It was, literally, the first time I'd blogged using prompts. I don't like the fictional prompts, I've said that more than once, although I do post my poems and short stories into my blog. But I enjoy prompts that make me think, or make me recall an event that maybe isn't already recorded in my blog, or ask me for my thoughts and opinions rather than just the facts of what happened. Those are good, and that's the biggest change in my own blogging since I first started fifteen years ago.

Is blogging a habit or a big part of my life? Yes, both. I definitely have times where I go for a while without posting, but I can backdate my entries here, and I do try to do that. Not with prompted entries, but with events that I should have written about. Like, often I forget to write about Christmas Day, but I know it's something I want to record. Our Christmases have changed a lot over the years. I never thought they would, but they have. And wow, the presents we exchange have definitely changed. I've actually started recording the amounts I pay for gifts, just so I can look back and go 'Woah, that was so cheap back then!' or 'Man, those were expensive then!' *Smile*

If I stopped blogging, would I miss it? For sure. When I stop writing, blogging is ultimately the form of writing I miss most. I could live without ever writing another poem or short story, but without blogging? Or at least keeping a journal of some sort, online or off? I don't think I could do that.

Blogging online definitely works better for me that writing in a journal. I used to keep a journal prior to 2001, but I was never very good about writing in it often enough. I think one book lasted me the whole of my teen years, and it wasn't a big book! I've tried to go back to writing in journals, even as recently as this year, but I can't do it. I love how they look, and the personalisation of it, and the creativity of being able to play around with colours and where the text lies on the page and all that... But I inevitably return to my blog because it's convenient.
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