Elle (theroadtoelle) wrote,

In my sleep

Prompt: In My Sleep

In my sleep,
I dreamed a thousand adventures
with you by my side
as we explored the ragged stone edges
of civilisation and castles and
chaos and freedom.

In my sleep,
I told you of the tattered half rainbow that
peeked from the grey disarray of
the construction site at the edge
of the motorway onramp,
my theory on marriage, and
that story I wanted to write.

In my sleep,
I whispered my fears
for our children, and let
hot tears soak into your chest,
even though your grandad's funeral
was three months ago.

In my sleep,
you snuggled close and
kissed my forehead
the way you do when
I have a headache,
and dreamed of me.
Tags: poems, poetry, steve
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