Elle (theroadtoelle) wrote,

Books read in December

Moon Craving - Lucy Monroe *Star**Star**Star**Star**Starw*

Don't Make Me Beautiful - Elle Casey *Star**Star**Star**Star**Starw*

Signs of Desire - Tempeste O'Riley *Star**Star**Star**Starw**Starw*

Just A Bit Confusing - Alessandra Hazard *Star**Star**Starw**Starw**Starw*

The World As He Sees It - A M Arthur *Star**Star**Star**Star**Star*

The Truth As He Knows It - A M Arthur *Star**Star**Star**Star**Starw*

Foundation of Trust - A M Arthur *Star**Star**Star**Starw**Starw*

Acts of Faith - A M Arthur *Star**Star**Star**Star**Starw*

Weight of Silence - A M Arthur *Star**Star**Star**Star**Starw*

Taking A Chance - A M Arthur *Star**Star**Star**Star**Starw*

Temptations of Desire - A M Arthur *Star**Star**Star**Star**Starw*

Desires' Guardian - Tempeste O'Riley *Star**Star**Star**Star**Starw*

Color of Grace - A M Arthur *Star**Star**Star**Star**Starw*

Cost of Repairs - A M Arthur *Star**Star**Star**Star**Starw*

Morrison - Chelsea Camaron *Star**Star**Star**Starw**Starw*

A Restored Man - Jaime Reese *Star**Star**Star**Star**Star*

Harvest - Marata Eros *Star**Starw**Starw**Starw**Starw*
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