Elle (theroadtoelle) wrote,

Spooks and Sparks

Prompt: What do you like best about Halloween?

Although we used to dress up and trick or treat as kids, Halloween is not a very big deal in New Zealand. Whereas I've already started seeing advertising for Christmas in October, I have yet to see any for Halloween and that's less than four weeks away.

Guy Fawkes is a much bigger deal here than Halloween, and it's one of my favourite days of the year. Love the fireworks! *Bigsmile*

My local community (by which I mean, West Auckland) has combined Halloween and Guy Fawkes to create a 'Spooks and Sparks' function which we try to go to every year.

It's usually held on the Saturday night between the 31st October and 5th November. This year it is being held on the 5th November itself.

There's a Halloween-themed costume contest. Last time Caitie went dressed as a zombie Elsa. This year she wants to go as Harley Quinn.

They have a bunch of entertainments/amusements including carnival rides and Caitie's favourite - motorbike stunt riders. She adores the stunt riders. They do flips and things and she screams and cheers them on. *Smile*

Then they finish with a MASSIVE fireworks display that is usually set to music. It is, literally, the biggest fireworks display in New Zealand every year. So awesome.

Can't wait to go again this year!!
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