Elle (theroadtoelle) wrote,

Halloween (by special request)

Prompt: Do you have any Halloween stories?

I grew up in a small farming community. As best I can remember, we were the only kids in our neighbourhood who did trick or treating. Hmm, no, I remember seeing photos of some of our neighbours dressed up for trick or treating when we were all younger. Maybe they just stopped joining in? Or moved away?

I don't know how we got started. It's just something I remember us doing every year. We'd dress up, knock on our neighbour's doors (Mum or Dad had to drive us around as the houses were quite far apart being that they were all farms) and get confectionery of some sort or another.

We always had a 'trick' which were usually water pistols of some sorts. The husbands tended to yell 'Trick!' and we'd laugh and spray them with water while the wives gave us the goodies. *Smile*

One year I had an epic pumpkin costume that Mum made for me. I stuffed it with pillows so that I was round like a pumpkin. *Laugh*

As we got older, Dad thought we should grow out of trick or treating. So finally, one year, we didn't dress up. We were sitting at home when the phone rang. Where were we? They'd been baking and making sweets, and we hadn't turned up to collect them! We ended up frantically rushing around the house trying to create last minute costumes and rushing down the road to collect our goodies! *Rolling* It was so funny.

We've never lived in a community where I felt comfortable letting my children go door to door asking for sweets, and clearly I'm not the only parent who thought so becuase we never got trick or treaters coming to our door either. But this year we're living in a better neighbourhood, so I have already told Caitie that she can go this year, and she's super excited. I expect we'll need to get some lollies ready to give out too. *Smile*

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