Elle (theroadtoelle) wrote,


Prompt: When do you write by hand?

Not often. *Rolleyes* I do pretty much everything by computer these days. Sometimes I jot down phone messages or doodle with a pen, but mostly I just type things.

I do my to-do lists at work with pen and paper, but otherwise I have to make a conscious effort to write things down.

I do like to send snail mail letters to people. I don't write or send them as often as I should, but I try to do them every now and then, and I think the handwritten ones are much nicer and more personal than an email.

I have tried several times to handwrite my blog posts into journals, even as recently as this year, but it never works. I do however have all of my poems written down by hand in journals. Not jotted down, but carefully and neatly recorded. *Rolleyes* I started doing it back in my teens, but then had a big gap where I didn't write poetry (for a number of years) and got out of the habit. I've misplaced two of the three books of poetry I originally filled, although I know they're around somewhere, but I started a new one this year, and am working on entering all the poems I've written since 2010. I'm up to 2014 I think, so making good progress. I know I could just print them out, but there's something about seeing them handwritten that's so satisfying. *Smile*

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