Elle (theroadtoelle) wrote,


Prompt: Do you write in cursive?

I can. But normally I don't. Sometimes I write cursive when I'm writing snail mail letters to people, because I like the way it looks. But generally speaking, I find printing easier to maintain and easier to read, so I default to printing.

As someone who is interested in genealogy and family history, I see lots of different samples of handwriting. It is amazing how much handwriting has changed over the generations. Mum says she can often tell what generation a person is from by their handwriting. My cursive is very simple - letters are slightly sloped and I don't lift the pen from the paper until the end of each word. Mum's is prettier than mine, but some of the old family letters we have show such beautiful handwriting it is astonishing to think that they wrote them by hand. Just beautiful. Lovely curlicues and what-have-you. Handwriting so decorative you almost lose sight of what they're actually writing because you get caught up in the prettiness of the letters on the page. *Smile* I'd love to be able to write like that, but I haven't the patience to practice. I suppose it was different when they didn't have computers too and everything was handwritten. They got a lot of practice just in everyday life.

I wonder if a time will come when people don't handwrite at all. My children have both learned cursive at school, but I suspect they may be the last generation to do so. It's kind of sad. There's something so lovely about a person's handwriting, whether it's neat or messy, cursive or printing... It's just so...personal. *Smile*

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