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Life turned a corner...

Prompt: Write a story, poem, or memory that includes gratitude for something.

The suspense of wondering what the courier would bring was killing me. Okay, not literally killing me, but my imagination was running wild. What if I really had won tickets to see Adele in the States and they were just trying to throw me off the scent? What if... I knew it was most likely to be just a CD, and I also knew I'd be a little bit disappointed if it was. Couldn't help myself from dreaming.

I had been told the courier would turn up between 7-9am, so instead of setting my alarm for 7am like I normally do, I set it for 6:30am. I was wide awake by 6am. *Facepalm* I woke up wondering what the courier was going to bring me. *Rolleyes* I'm such a dork. I had to keep reminding myself it was probably a CD.

I got dressed and sat down to have breakfast, but after a couple of mouthfuls I couldn't eat anymore. Nervous? Expectant? Or just too damn early in the morning to eat breakfast? I dunno.

I was sitting at the table looking at my phone and had a sudden thought that if anyone wanted to call me, they might have trouble. Our house is metal, and it often blocks reception. See, why would anyone need to ring me if it was just a courier? The courier would just press the buzzer on the gate to let us know when he arrived. But I still stood up and went outside to see if my phone suddenly pinged with missed calls. *Rolleyes*

As I walked outside, at 7:38am, my phone rang in my hand. It was uncanny. I literally stepped through the doorway to see if I had missed any calls, and my phone rang. If I'd read that in a novel, I'd have told the author it was unrealistic. *Laugh* I heard Steve laughing inside the house.

I answered the phone and was told it was Sarah Gandy from The Hits radio station.
Sarah: "This is going to sound weird, but can I pick you up and take you for a drive?"
Elle: "Um, sure?"
Sarah: "Okay, we'll be there in fifteen minutes, so make sure you're dressed."
Elle: "I'm dressed."
Sarah: "There'll be cameras, so you might want to do your makeup."
Elle: "Oh shit!"
Sarah: *laughter* "And...you're on the TV right now, by the way."
Elle: "....Okay?"
Sarah:  "See you in fifteen minutes!"

I pretty much went 'Eeek!' and ran inside to tell Steve. Then I ran upstairs and did my makeup while Caitie texted Mum, Andrea and Lynda on my phone to let them know what was happening.

All I could think was 'Clearly not a CD!' *Laugh* But what it could be, I really had no idea.

Sarah turned up and she seemed so familiar even though I had no idea who she was. It wasn't until later, when I was driving to work, that I registered that she's the DJ who starts at 9am. I don't get to listen to her much because I also start work at 9am, but that's why she seemed familiar.

Anyway, she turned up just as I was finishing my makeup. Caitie was begging me to let her come too, but there was no way for her to do so.

I was put in the passenger seat with Sarah driving, and in the back, taking up the backseat and the boot (the trunk), were two guys and a whole bunch of equipment. Sarah introduced them, and I registered that one was Sam Wallace, the guy who does the weather for the TV1 Breakfast show and also DJs for The Hits, but I didn't really register that I recognised him until later.

We drove off, and they were just chatting and the guys were setting up gear. Sarah was asking me about what I do for a living, and I told her, then we talked about the redundancy. No one would give me any clues as to what was happening except for 'Don't worry, it'll be good.' They did tell me they'd have just done it at my house, but apparently my road isn't a good spot for reception, so they were going to do 'the big reveal' while driving around. I was pretty confused.  I knew that Steve would be so grateful they hadn't been able to do it at the house though, so no one saw our mess! *Laugh*

I was told there was a camera in front of me, which made me super self-conscious.

Sam needed to pee 'desperately' so we drove to Sarah's house (she actually only lives five minutes away from me!) and we all waited while he peed in her garden.

Then the TV show was apparently doing the news and we all got quiet. Sam did the weather report from the back of the car, which was both interesting and weird, and then he led into "We're here with Elanor, who has no idea why we're driving around New Lynn with her..." or something to that effect. Sarah took over from there and explained that I'd had a bad week (they made it sound like I'd been made redundant that week, but I tried to clarify without being too pedantic) and then she said they had something for me.

"You know that you entered to win tickets to see Adele live in Houston, and that you didn't win those..."
I nodded.
"Did you know she's coming to New Zealand?"
"No, I didn't."
"Yeah, it's just been announced. So, Sam has something for you..."
Sam passed me two tickets.
"Tell us what they say."
I read the tickets aloud. "You have won a double pass to see Adele in 2017 at Mt Smart Stadium."

I tried really hard to be enthusiastic and excited without swearing or saying 'Oh god' too many times. And that self consciousness about my language probably made my enthusiasm sound a bit muted, but I was really pleased.

"Who will you take with you?" Sarah asked.
"Um, it depends on how badly my husband wants to go, because I know my daughter would love to go."
She asked me about Caitie's favourite Adele song (which Caitie later told me I got right!) and then thankfully we're off air again.

They drove me back home, and I had to record a phone call for the radio station basically telling them about my redundancy and then about having won the tickets.

Steve has said that despite the concert being on his birthday, Caitie can go with me. I'm not sure if that's because he's not bothered about going to Adele or just because he knows Caitie would LOVE to go and see Adele. Either way, it'll be an amazing concert. Seriously amazing. I think Adele has such a powerful, amazing voice (I know, I'm overusing the word amazing, but I can't help it). It'll be fantastic, and a great birthday present for me to look forward to (it's only five days after my birthday).

They kept saying how I'd had a bad week because I'd been made redundant, when in reality it's been about six weeks since then (no, I just checked, it's been nearly 9 weeks!), but I really was having a glum week. I'd gone from being on a high with plenty of interviews to no offers and no prospects. There were other little things bugging me too, and I was...glum. Not depressed, because I always knew it was just a temporary mood slump, but I was feeling sorry for myself this week. Steve kept trying to rally me, telling me I wasn't allowed to get depressed because I was the one who kept him happy and if I was depressed he would get depressed too, and then we'd be really screwed. *Laugh* Then, yesterday I had an email requesting an interview, another from a prospective employer telling me they'd be in touch to schedule an interview soon, and I sent off my CV to two more jobs. Today I won tickets to Adele before I even knew she was coming to New Zealand, and one of the two people I sent my CV to yesterday apparently said 'Fark, we better put her in the considerations pile!' even though I have NONE of the experience they're actually looking for.

So just when I needed it most, I got things to be grateful for, things to lift my mood and build my confidence, and things to look forward to even if I end up unemployed at the end of the year. It was really what I needed, and maybe it would have been more timely right after I'd been made redundant, but at the same time I don't think i was in the head space to appreciate it then. This was...perfect. And I am so pleased today is Friday because I am genuinely looking forward to spending my weekend smiling and not worrying about work.

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