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The kids went trick or treating tonight.  First time ever.  I wasn't sure if Jayden would be keen or not, but he clearly wanted to do it 'just once' and he got right into it.

Jayden wanted to dress up as a princess (yup, his idea!) and Caitie wanted to do fancy face makeup to be a half skeleton.  That was after she toyed with the idea of being a zombie country music singer.  Ha ha!

I couldn't find a 'princess dress' that would fit Jayden, but managed to find a 'zombie prom queen' outfit that worked.  Then we added fake scars (temporary tattoos) and fake blood.  He had a wig and a tiara too.  I did proper makeup on him, and he looked hilarious.  He doesn't make a pretty lady, his features are too masculine, his shoulders too broad and he walks like a guy.  lol  I guess those are good things since he is a guy.  Ha ha!

Caitie and I watched Youtube tutorials to learn how to do her makeup, and did a practice run on the weekend.  Realised we needed thinner eye liner for drawing the teeth, which we bought.  On the night, she looked pretty cool.  Half her face was proper makeup, half was a skeleton.  She loved it, and I felt pretty pleased with myself that she liked my handiwork.  :D

Caitie's friend Holly joined them, and she was dressed in a tatty white dress with a white shawl/veil she wore over her hair.  We added fake scars and fake blood to her, and they were all pretty happy with themselves.

They walked up to Holly's house and back, trick or treating.  They got a pretty decent haul of lollies, so they were happy.  We only got one trick or treater, and only because I saw them at the neighbour's and told them to come down because we had lollies too.  I think the gate put people off.  Colleen said they had less than normal too though, so not sure why that was.  It wasn't raining or anything.  Maybe just because it was a Monday night?

Anyway, first ever night of trick or treating (at 15 and 11 years old) and I think we can call that successful.  
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