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Caitie and I went to the Adele concert on Saturday night, using the tickets that The Hits radio station had given me. It was amazing. Best concert ever!!

It started with her singing "Hello" from behind a screen as she rose up out of the stage. The screens lifted and we could see her. Our seats were close enough that we could see her, but not the expressions on her face or anything.

She sounded amazing live. Even better than recorded. Her voice is so beautiful and powerful. She was all alone on the stage – no backup dancers, no band, no backup singers. The band and backup singers were down below the stage, where we couldn't see them easily. So it was just her. Pretty incredible really.

In between songs, she chatted with the audience. She came across as so relaxed, and warm and funny. Some of the newspaper reviews commented that she was as good as any standup comedian, and I'd have to agree. Just brilliant.

There was a Maori cultural group that performed a waiata and haka after her first song. This obnoxious woman sitting behind us loudly complained that 'I have absolutely no interest in this!'. Well, I didn't either. We have plenty of exposure to Maori culture here, it's not new and exciting to us. We're not the tourists, Adele is. BUT Adele loved it, and it didn't mean we missed out on any talking or singing time, it was just an extra, so who cares? If she wants a waiata and haka in her concert, she can have them. It's her show! And yes, we're paying to see her (well, I wasn't, but most of the audience were!), but like I said, we still got everything we paid for, with this added in, so… Yeah, that obnoxious woman annoyed a few people over the course of the night with her comments. She was super rude. Not at all sure why she was there, she spent more time on her phone than watching Adele.

My one criticism of the show was that the big screens often showed video footage, rather than live footage of Adele singing. That meant that if you couldn't clearly see her (and let's face it, that was most of us in the stadium), then you only had a few minutes of screen time where you could see her singing live on the big screens. Would have been better if they'd made more use of those screens to show us what she was doing all the time. But it was a minor thing.

The acoustics and sound quality were far and away the best of any concert I've ever been to, including previous concerts at Mt Smart Stadium. Her voice sounded amazing. I know, I've used that word a lot. Ha ha! She sounded incredible. Credit to whoever set up her sound system. It wasn't overly loud, and neither Caitie nor I had ringing ears afterwards (maybe a first for a concert!!), but it was perfectly clear at all times. Fantastic.

I'd read that the confetti contained handwritten notes from Adele. Apparently after her first concert where she'd used it, the confetti was selling for up to £20 each piece on ebay. Crazy. Anyway, I told Caitie, and we planned to collect some to use in our paper journals. A keepsake, if you like. As we sat waiting for the show to start, Caitie collected leftover confetti messages that were still on the floor from the Thursday night concert. It kept her busy for a bit. When the actual confetti was fired during the show, the wind blew it all away from us, much to her disappointment, so after the show finished, we wandered around and collected some. People saw Caitie picking it up and started helping her, which was so sweet. She ended up with a whole ziplock sandwich bag full of confetti! She was so happy. Some people (mostly kids) were carrying handfuls out, and Caitie had a ziplock bag full. Ha ha! Thankfully we'd taken our ham and cheese rolls in ziplock bags that could be reused for the purpose!

Before the show, while we were waiting for the gates to open, we bought a programme and a t shirt for Caitie. The shirt she chose was one of all the confetti, which ended up to be perfect since that was a big highlight for her. She'll definitely have some wonderful memories of the night.

Overall, a fantastic concert, and I am so glad that Caitie and I got to go. It was incredible, and I'd go again in a heartbeat if I had the chance. We jokingly talked about buying tickets for the Sunday night show, but I'm glad we didn't as it ended up bucketing down with rain. Soggy confetti, soggy Adele who was trying to sing while absolutely drenched and apparently swallowing mouthfuls of rainwater. I heard she cut back the chatter between songs big time to try and get everyone home as soon as possible. The Eagles did that for us during the concert we went to during the cyclone, and while it was appreciated (when you're sitting there, cold and drenched!), it is a shame. So yeah, so glad I picked the Saturday concert to go to!
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