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Busy weekend

Went to the rugby on Friday night.  Chiefs vs Blues.  We met Darren and the rest of the gang at a pub in Kingsland.  The guys were all in a good mood.  We had pizzas and beer/cider  The pizza was delicious actually.  It was cucumber, chorizo, chilli and coriander on a pizza sauce base.  Sounds weird, looked weird, tasted delicious.

The game was okay, but the guys all stood up near the bar, leaving Zari and I to watch it on our own.  Steve sat with us for about half the game, or a bit more, but none of the other guys came down.  I did enjoy it, but I think it would have been more fun if we'd been part of a crowd of people cheering, ya know?  My favourite part of the night was when everyone sang along to Rain by Dragon.  Steve was sitting with us then, and we were belting it out.  So much fun.  We were seated in a covered section, but when we left after the game, we got soaked.

Overall, I enjoyed spending the evening with Steve.  Felt a bit like a date night.  Caught the train in, had pizza and drinks at the pub, saw the game, caught the train home again.  Thanks to Darren paying for the tickets, the drinks and pizza, the whole evening cost us $7.  Can't complain about that!  Even getting wet seemed like part of it all, running through the rain, sitting on the train dripping and laughing.  Next time though, would be keen for a game with more excitement.  Oh, and the score was a draw.  lol  At least we didn't lose!

Saturday Caitie had gymnastics testing.  Hopefully that went well.  Will hear in a couple of weeks I think.

Saturday night Caitie and I went to the Swanson RSA and met up with my dad, sister, mother-in-law and a friend of Dad's.  We paid $29 for a buffet dinner, although I think they only charged me $10 for Caitie.  Dinner was fairly good, as far as buffets go.  The potato and leek soup was nice.

After dinner we headed in to grab a table for the show.  Was actually pretty tough to find an empty table even though we had plenty of time before the show started, so we ended up at the table closest to the band.  All good.  The keyboardist asked us if the crowd were likely to dance, and we said we had no idea, but we'd dance even if no one else did!

Two colleagues from work joined us too.

The band consisted of the male keyboardist and three female vocalists.  One of the vocalists was Joe Cotton, who is a minor celebrity in NZ for winning Popstars and going on to release a #1 single and #1 album with TrueBliss.

True to our word, Caitie and I got up to dance pretty much straight away.  One of my colleagues joined us.  We were alone for the first four or five songs, but then people got up to dance, and eventually the dance floor was crowded.  The first set was a variety of songs, everything from Runaround Sue to Mercy to Blurred Lines to Reet Petite.  The girls were in sparkly blue sequined dresses for that set.  Then they changed into more 'fabulous' outfits, and launched into the ABBA hits.  There was one more costume change.  The ladies were fabulous singers.  The audience danced and sang along, and cheered for the end of every song.

Was a fabulous night.  My favourite part was watching Dad dance with Caitie.  He was doing ceroc with her, and she kept turning the wrong way and they'd both laugh.  Was so cool.  My mother-in-law enjoyed herself.  My colleague said she enjoyed herself.  Caitie absolutely loved it.  A fabulous night out.  Would happily hire that band in a heartbeat for a work function or party.  Been a while since I had that much fun.  I danced most of the night, and enjoyed it all.

Today the four of us went up to Dad's to help him eat the birthday cake I'd give him yesterday.  He hadn't wanted to eat it at the RSA since dessert was included in the buffet cost, so he'd saved it.  We took the makings for ham rolls, but he made us avocado and bacon sandwiches instead, which was nice.  Then we had chocolate mudcake with a shot of the Baileys Dad won at tennis last week.  We even sang happy birthday!  Ha ha!

We didn't stick around long, as he had to leave for his regular Sunday gig in Mission Bay with the jazz band he plays with.  Afterwards we went to Mum's for a chat and then headed home.

Overall, a good weekend.  I've even been invited to a quiz night on Thursday with my dad and sister, which should be fun.  
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