Elle (theroadtoelle) wrote,

Pub quiz

Went up for a pub quiz in Gulf Habour last night.  My uncle is over from Australia, so it was him, Dad, my sister and I.

The first ten questions were 'dingbats', or those kind of word games where something like 'xmascara' means 'kiss and makeup'.  I'm usually pretty good at them.  I got some of them, but some eluded me.  There were two anagrams to solve, and I got one and my uncle got the other.  My dad and uncle were pretty good on the trivia.  Turned out I was the only person in the whole place who knew that cullen skink was a soup.  lol  My sister didn't really know many answers, so she was our official writer.

In the end, the two smallest teams (us and another team of four players) came last equal.  The other teams were all bigger.  The winning team beat us by ten points.

It was a fun night, and I enjoyed it.  I've suggested we do it again next Thursday, since my uncle is here for ten days.
Tags: andrea, dad, uncle pip
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