Elle (theroadtoelle) wrote,

Pub quiz take 2

Went back up to Gulf Harbour last night for another quiz night with Dad, my uncle and my sister.  We had more people for our team this time, and ended up with 10 people at our table.  The maximum you're allowed is 8, so we ended up breaking into two teams of five.  I was in a team with the other people, called Bitzers, and Dad, my uncle and my sister were on the other team, called Two Dicks (because there were two Richards in their team).

The first part of the quiz was identifying the celebrity's eyes and nose.  I was quite good at that.  I got 6 out of 10 for our team.  The trivia questions were hard though.  I think I knew three - that a metronome is the timing device used by musicans, that the Simpsons live in Springfield and (with the help of someone on my team whispering 'Superman' ) that the Daily Planet was the newspaper edited by Perry White.  I don't think I'd have got it without the Superman hint though.  So yeah, the questions were really hard.

Our team got 30 points in the end (out of 51 I think) and The Two Dicks got 31 points.  We were 3rd to last and they were pretty much in the middle.  So yep, we weren't last, so we improved on last week's position!  Ha ha!

I stayed the night at Mum's.  Was good to catch up with her.  We talked for a bit before bed (mostly about finances because she was busy doing her budget) and then again in the morning before work.  Nothing major, just chatting.
Tags: andrea, dad, mum
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