Elle (theroadtoelle) wrote,

Midwinter Christmas

Went up to Mum's last night for midwinter Christmas with her, my sister and nephew, and their neighbours.  Even Jayden came with us!

It was pot luck dinner, and we took brussel sprouts (which Steve made), spiced peaches (which I made) and drunken pears (which I also made).  I'd also bought a variety of soft drinks, with the intention of doing a blind taste test with the kids.  You know, seeing if they could differentiate Pepsi from Coke, Coke from Coke Zero, Sprite from 7Up, etc.

I did the soft drink blind taste with the kids.  They struggled with the similar ones, although they found the obvious ones (like Fanta) easy.  I was halfway through when Steve called a halt, saying the kids had had enough.  Now I have heaps of soft drink left.  Ugh.

After most of the neighbours had left, we played the song quiz.  So much fun.  We had fun playing it (and everyone there guessed at least one song correctly, even the neighbours for whom English isn't a first language) and several times it dissolved into a singalong.  The ultimate singalong ended up being My Old Man's A Dustman.  Go figure!  Would never have guessed that one!  There was only one person there who didn't know it, and everyone was singing along at the top of their lungs.  So much fun.  Jayden particularly enjoyed it, which is nice.  So nice to do something as a family that everyone enjoys.  Steve enjoyed it, but had to stay quiet on a few just to give others a chance to guess some!  Caitie spent most of the song quiz with her headphones on listening to her own music, but she participated a little.  Everyone else seemed to really enjoy it.  There were lots of laughs.  My favourite moment (apart from the Dustman singalong) was when David misheard Think Of Me and thought the song was called Finger Me.  Ha ha!  So funny.

We left at about 10:30pm.  We have some spiced peaches left over (which I had on my Weetbix this morning) and very few drunken pears but lots of the mulled wine syrup they were in.  Yum.

All in all, a great night.  So pleased we went, even if it was my third night out in a row!  Quiet day today...
Tags: andrea, caitie, callum, jayden, mum, steve
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