Elle (theroadtoelle) wrote,

Psycho lady

I was crawling in the traffic on the North-Western motorway this morning and was actually stopped when I heard a mild crunch from behind.  Ugh.  Someone had run into the back of my car.  I knew it wasn't bad, but I've worked in insurance for 15 years, and I've learned my lesson, so I pulled over to get their details.  They were't going to pull over.  As they drove past me, I gestured to them to pull over, and they did, stopping about three or four car lengths ahead of me.

I got my phone, and went to meet the driver, taking a photo of his licence plate as I did.  He seemed surprised that I'd stopped him, and explained that he hadn't even felt the cars touch.  He was polite enough though, and gave him his name and number.

His wife (I presume it was his wife) in the passenger seat was a whole other story.  She started at me through the window of the car and then got out and kept going.
"Is she saying we hit her?"
"We didn't hit you!  We'd have felt it if we'd hit you!"
"You just got a fright because we got so close to you."

I tried to explain that I hadn't been watching them, but I'd felt them hit, and it was only then that I looked up and saw them so close behind me.  She clearly didn't believe me.  She kept repeating about how they didn't hit me, and they'd have felt it if they did.

At one point I had the driver, the angry woman and a third passenger from their car all standing at the back of my car examining it.  There was a clear scrape, but it was minor.  Not enough to warrant the fuss she was making.  She was very accusatory and made me feel like I was trying to defraud them.

"Fine then, I'M going to take photos of YOUR car," and she did, taking multiple photos of the back of my car.  "It's not even the same colour as our car.  We didn't even hit her."

Whatever.  When she left and got back in their car, the driver quietly examined the marks and admitted that it was possible it could have been done by his number plate.  "But I don't think I made that scratch there, because I couldn't have made both at the same time."  I said that all I wanted was his details, and we could work the rest out later.  He seemed to understand.  I'm not sure he was convinced that his car had come into contact with mine, but I do think he understood that I wasn't trying to scam them.  I'll tell the insurance company (I'm guessing we'll claim) that they deny liability and hopefully they'll put a proper investigator onto it.  But it's not really worth that.  It was so minor.  It'll be below excess, I'm certain.

It was amazing how one woman's poor attitude could change a totally minor 'don't bother writing home about it' incident into something that left me angry and insulted. 
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