Elle (theroadtoelle) wrote,


Steve's in hospital with appendicitis.

He had a really bad sore stomach yesterday, to the point where he was having trouble walking. Nausea and some fever. Today he was much improved. Slight sore stomach. Sue came over this afternoon and discovered it was very sore and tender to the touch and told him to go to A&E. That was about 5pm. The A&E referred him straight to North Shore Hospital. We got there at 7:30pm.

The doctors were fairly sure it was appendicitis but did blood tests to check. When I left at 10:30 we still didn't have the results but they were waiting on a bed to admit him.

I haven't heard any more about the blood tests but as far as I know he'll have the operation tomorrow and then stay in overnight for observation, then go home Saturday.

It's now 11:54pm and I'm finally in bed. Somehow have to get the kids off to school in the morning even though Jayden is still up and I think Caitie was up much later than she ought to be. Still, that's a problem for tomorrow. For now, sleep.

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