Elle (theroadtoelle) wrote,

A month until Christmas

Fell down the stairs this morning.  Not a great start to the day.  I'm okay, just stubbed my toes and bruised and skinned my elbow.  Gave me more of a fright than anything, although my elbow is a bit sore and tender.

Found out today that Blurb is having it's big pre-Christmas sale - 50% off photo books and 30% off trade books.  Spoke to Mum, and we've arranged to get together to finish the book tomorrow so that we can order it.  It may even arrive in time for Christmas!  I hope so, because this book will be the only decent present the kids get from me and Steve this Christmas.  I've got them the book, a blank journal to write their own stories in, a matching pen, and a small trinket each that relates back to the story.  That's it.  Nothing else.  Literally nothing else.  Will be a very strange Christmas. They'll understand, and they've been warned.  It's all about saving for the UK trip, which is totally worth it.  Will be weird though.  So yeah, I hope this book arrives in time or Christmas!

Speaking of, I better get working on finishing the last chapter!
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