Elle (theroadtoelle) wrote,

An even ten

Prompt: Tell us what annoys you most about yourself.

Ugh, so fucking obvious.  I didn't even have to think before the answer blared in my head like it was written in neon lights and had accompanying sirens.  I'm lazy, and I procrastinate.  If I ever managed to eliminate either of those two flaws, I'd get so much done.  Like, fuck, I'd be amazing.  And if I eliminated both?  Un-fucking-stoppable.  I'd be fucking prime minister or have cured cancer or something.  Or at least have finished my various projects.

But I'm not.  And I haven't.  Because I'm lazy.  And I procrastinate.  *Facepalm*

I was challenging people on Writing.com to write lists of truths recently, for a merit badge challenge.  The truth is, I rarely finish anything, because I'm lazy and I procrastinate. 

I started a degree in medical laboratory science.  Didn't finish.
I started a degree in communications.  Didn't finish. 
I started a teaching degree.  Didn't finish.
I started a diploma in occupational health and safety.  Didn't finish.
I even started a class here on Writing.com in how to use commas and didn't finish.  *Rolleyes*

Imagine what I could be doing now if I'd finished any one of those courses?  Okay, maybe not the comma one, but any of the others. 

Imagine what my blog would look like now if I didn't procrastinate all the time about working on/in it.  Fuck, don't imagine it, it's depressing.

Imagine how slim I'd be if I wasn't so fucking lazy.  No, don't imagine that either, that's just as depressing.

What were they thinking with this prompt?  I didn't say fuck once in my last entry, and this entry I've said it seven fucking times.  Eight.  Shit.  *Headbang*

Imagine how many books I'd have written, and poems I'd have in my portfolio.  Imagine how clean my house would be.  Ah, fuck.  Nine.

And guess what I'm procrastinating about now, as I write this?  Editing my daughter's Youtube videos.  I better go do that.  And I still haven't planned any Wordpress posts or even posted Norb's interview.  Fuck.  Ten.
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