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Do you have a writing kit - a physical set of tools you rely on (certain pens/pencils, notebooks, etc.)? Different websites you rely on for particulars? Maybe even mood-setting accouterments like music or candles? What's your scene?

When your mind didn't want to break, your rusty mouth consented

I wish I had a scene. I think I'd be more inspired if I had a scene. I read something like "Poems Are Everywhere!" or "I Feel for the Clouds" and I'm totally jealous. I wish I saw poems in a million everyday things. Sometimes I get lucky and I might end up with something like "Chocolate Angel Wings" , in which I literally mock myself for seeing poetry in an everyday thing. *Facepalm*

I do 95% of my writing on my laptop. Actually, probably more than that. Probably 99%. That means I'm sitting in my lounge, in my reclining armchair, with my feet up. Sometimes there is music playing, sometimes Steve is watching TV. I wrote a description of it once, although that was in the old house - "The scene in Elle's lounge..." . I guess being on Writing.com inspires me to write.

Sometimes my mind wanders when I'm in the car or in bed and I get a partial poem happening or an idea for something. If I'm in the car I'll use the audio memos app on my phone to record myself so I can complete the poem (it's usually a poem) later. If I'm in bed, I'll make a digital note on my phone. Sometimes I forget about them until the next time I go to use the app and it's always a cool surprise finding half a poem. *Laugh*

I can't remember the last time I wrote something and I didn't use a digital format for it. For years I've had visions of these amazing handwritten journals or scrapbooks or smashbooks or whatever you want to call them, and I've started handwriting out my blog posts (literally copying them from my original digital versions on to paper) but it's time consuming, and it makes my wrist ache, and because I type SO much faster than I handwrite, I get further and further behind. I inevitably give up with a week or two's worth of blog entries in the front of an otherwise empty journal.

I used to write my poems on paper, but I find it a lot easier to revise them digitally. I can add or delete words, or rearrange lines or whatever, without making a big mess. Back in the day, when I was happy with the final version of a poem, I'd write it in to a hardcover exercise book that was literally just a neatly hand-printed collection of my poems. I'm missing one of those books now. Hopefully I find it some day. I have two and the third is AWOL. Anyway, when I started writing digitally, I stopped doing it. But I bought a book and started copying the poems into it, in chronological order. (Are you seeing a trend here?) I keep a copy of all my poems, short stories, etc. in my Livejournal, so I have them all there, in order. So yeah, I'm slowly working on that. Really slowly. *Rolleyes*

I look back at my old journals and I miss them. I truly do. I love journals. I love pens. I love handwriting (yes, even my own, which I know is a rare thing). It's so cool to see things handwritten on actual paper. Am I weird for saying that? Anyway, it is. I wish I could do that again. But somehow I'm a digital girl now, and no matter how hard I try, I can't seem to break out of that.
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