Elle (theroadtoelle) wrote,

Set the precedent...

Prompt: Buffalonians have donated over 300k to Cincinnati charities this week , and sent a truck including 1,440 chicken wings to the area as a thank you. For a fanbase that's known primarily for drunken exploits before games and throwing themselves through flaming tables, what do you make of this example of sportsmanship?

From what I read in the articles, it seems like there's two things at play here. Firstly, when the Bills defeated the New York Jets in the 2015 regular-season finale to put the Pitsburgh Steelers in the playoff, they received a shipment of Primanti Brothers sandwiches from Pittsburgh. So there's a precedent. Now, the Bills are paying it forward by doing the same thing for the Cincinnati Bengals, with chicken wings. Which is kinda cool. The wings are being donated to 'the Children's Home Autism High School', whom will surely appreciate the free food.

Then there's the fundraising for the charities. It seems like the Bills fans have always been big on supporting charity, but maybe it hasn't got the headlines that their less-respectable antics have got. People don't like good news, they like scandal. Scandal sells, apparently. So the Bills fans are in a state of euphoria at the moment, and their normal charitable giving has exploded. Which is awesome for the charities, right?

So, what do I make of this example of sportsmanship? I think it's great. I'm not sure it comes under the heading of 'gracious winners', as they scream and shout their victory, but who cares? At the end of the day, they're doing good things, and they're giving great publicity to the specific charities and to charities in general. That's never a bad thing. And if it sets a precedent of charitable giving, even better. Let's have more good news like this, please.
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